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Important Links & Info

Important Links

Information about Meridian, Idaho, and various community events/activites:

City of Meridian web page 


The Trash Services Webpage:

Republic Service web page


Our Irrigation District Main Web Page (see to find notifications, turn-on and shut-off dates of main canals):

Settler's Irrigation District web page


The 2023 Irrigation Schedule:

Please change your irrigation timers to the following (based on the first two numbers on your house!


3-Hour Schedule  |  House Numbers (first two numbers)

6P - 9P...................|   19xx    35xx
9P - 12A.................|   33xx 
12A - 3A.................|   16xx    20xx    32xx 
3A - 6A..................|   17xx    21xx 1
6A - 9A..................|   8xx    34xx 

Irrigation Pump Schedule & Emergency Contact information:

2023 Pump Schedule

Water On  |  April 15th-ish

Water Off  |  TBD 

Emergency Shut-off

  • 208.323.1080 | Sentry M-F, 8:30a-5p

  • 208.871.4343 | > 5P + Sat/Sun = TBA

Approved Fence Stains (these stains will guarantee immediate approval, others brands/colors are welcome to be submitted for approval, too!)

Sherwin Williams:

  • Banyan Brown - SW 3522

  • Baja Beige - SW 350

  • Cider Mill - SW 3512

  • Hawthorne - SW 3518

  • Spice Chest - SW 3513 (This is the perimeter fence stain)

Board Meeting Times:

Board Meetings are typically held the 3rd or 4th Monday of each month. Contact Sentry Management for specific details for the next meeting (See Footer of webpage)

City Well: The filtration system located by Summerfield Park:

The city well is NOT under the control of the HOA.  The filtration system is on land owned by the City of Meridian. This system does NOT impact our irrigation, but rather impacts the cleanliness of the city water system.

Collection Policy for HOA Dues:

Summerfield Collection Policy: Effective January 1, 2023 

The 2023 Annual Assessment for Summerfield homeowners is due and payable on the first day of each calendar year.

Following will be stated collection action that will take place if assessment is late. 


If assessment is 30 days past due from January 1, a second statement will be issued, including interest. (January 31) 


If assessment is 60 days past due from January 1, an Intent to Lien will be filed, including all collection costs to date, Intent to Lien fees, interest, and legal fees. (February 28)


If assessment is 90 days past due from January 1, a Lien will be filed, and recorded, against the property, including all collection costs to date, Lien fees, interest, and legal fees. (March 31)


If assessment is 120 days past due from January 1, the Board will direct the management company regarding further action, including referral to a collection attorney. (April 30)

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