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Architectural Committee Requests



Go to the Northstar Portal. Login.

On the Dashboard page, find and click the "Open a New Request" then click "ARC Request,"

In the description of the project,provide a description of materials to be used. Include manufacturer and color #s. For painting projects, it's best to apply the paint colors in small swatches on your garage to evaluate the actual color. Shingles must Architectural. Fences must be Cedar - refer to covenants for height restrictions. For add on or new buildings, please review covenants for location and size restrictions, and obtain required building permits.  For any improvements that are being added to the lots, please provide an image with the location with measurements of setbacks, distances from house/sidewalks/fences, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  You are responsible for keeping track of your home's colors and color #s. If you need assistance identifying the color, please work with your painter.  The HOA board does NOT retain a list of approved colors (as trends change) for houses.  Each submission is individually reviewed.  You MUST send the color #s to Northern Star Management to receive a review (see Part 2).



BE SURE TO EMAIL ATTACHMENTS! to Northern Star Management at:

This includes any files showing images, designs, drawings, or documentation (pdf, jpg, docx, xlsx, csv, etc...)

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