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2022 Enforcement & Fines Policy Notice 

Summerfield Neighbors – Please see attached Enforcement & Fine Policy for your community. This was signed by the Board and went into effect last year at this time. We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to review it as it will be utilized in 2022.

The highlights: Any homeowner receiving 3 violations for the same issue will be invited to a hearing with the Board to give any explanation and make a plan for compliance. If the issue is corrected, nothing further will occur. 

If the situation continues, or if homeowner does not attend hearing, fines will take place as indicated on last page of policy until compliance is reached.

Please know that you do not have to reach this point, and are encouraged to email Dianne at Sentry Management after any violation notice, with questions or explanations. Sometimes, all it takes, is to let her know your situation!

Click here for PDF

The Summerfield Board of Directors’ goal is to maintain the standards set by our governing documents when our community was formed. It is such a great place to live and we want to protect and preserve property values, while keeping Summerfield a beautiful place to call home!


The 2023 Irrigation Schedule
Please change your irrigation timers to the following (based on the first two numbers on your house!

3-Hour Schedule  |  House Numbers (first two numbers)
6P - 9P...................|   19xx    35xx
9P - 12A.................|   33xx 
12A - 3A.................|   16xx    20xx    32xx 
3A - 6A..................|   17xx    21xx 1
6A - 9A..................|   8xx    34xx