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Summerfield Subdivision HOA - Meridian Idaho
Zip: 83646

Submit a request for review of a proposal for architectural change (including any substantial change, repair, addition, or modfiication of visible property (including roofing and all sheds/outbuildings)

CC&Rs, Governing Documents, Resolutions & HOA Meeting info

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Key information about Summerfield Subdivision's HOA:

  • The homeowner association (HOA) is an organization that makes and enforces rules and guidelines for the subdivision, with the purpose of maintaining the common areas and keeping property values high.

  • All Summerfield residential properties are included in the HOA.

  • HOA members are the residents and homeowner (in the case of absences or rentals) of the subdivision.

  • The HOA Board has the responsibility of enforcement of the CC&Rs; homeowners have responsibility for compliance.

  • The homeowner's association is run by a board of directors, but has a community manager (Sentry Management) delegated to collect HOA dues to pay for common area maintenance and upkeep.  The community manager is also responsible for assisting with enforcement, legal matters, and some communications to HOA members.

  • Summerfield HOA may impose fines on non-compliant homeowners to prevent neglect of neighborhood properties, and to ensure compliance with covenants and restrictions.

  • All board members and committee members are volunteers from the residential community of Summerfield Subdivision!

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