Irrigation Tips and Tricks

Below are some important tips to ensure you have an uneventful spring start-up with your system!

  • If you will not be available to test your system on the day the system is turned on, be sure the isolation valve that draws water from the main line into your system is closed, and check the filter to be sure it is tightened securely as well (see filter pics below). You can find the main [isolation] valve usually in your backyard - it will be encased in a green irrigation box.   

  • There are many types of irrigation valves, but the ones pictured below are commonly used.  The second valve pictured, is generally located about 2ft or more below ground, you need to use an irrigation key to turn the valve.  If you don't have a key, you can purchase one at Lowes, Home Depot, etc. for about $4.  

  • If you're unsure regarding the status of your system, you should contact a professional accordingly.  If you need recommendations, talk with your neighbors, or contact Sentry Management, our Community Management company. 

  • Here is a YouTube video How to Turn on Your System that contains some helpful hints on system start-up.  Please note the company sponsoring this video is not local - the video was selected for content only.  Thanks! 

  • Remember, if you have a "line" or "sprinkler" leak, you can turn off the water to your system by closing your main isolation valve. The only time you would need to request the pump system to be shut down would be when your main isolation valve has a leak that requires repair.

  • For emergency shut off during the week (8A to 5P), contact Sentry Management 208-323-1080. 

Isolation Valve - No Key Required

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Isolation Valve - Key Required

Filter Parts

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