2022 Pump Schedule
Water On  |  May 1
Water Off  |  TBD 

Emergency Shut-off

  • 208.323.1080 | Sentry M-F, 8:30a-5p
  • 208.871.4343 | > 5P + Sat/Sun = TBA
2022 Watering Schedule 
Start - End
House Prefix
  6P -  9P
  9P - 12A
  16, 20, 32
  12A - 3A
  17, 21
  3A - 6A
  6A - 9A
  9A - 6P
  Common Areas
Current Status

April 28, 2022:  Irrigation system is ON for the 2022 water season. 

If you are not on the contact list for HOA emails, contact the HOA to be added to the contact list:  summerfieldsubhoa@gmail.com

Start up Your System - April

  1. Open main valve, ensure filter connection is tight
  2. Test for valve and/or line leaks
  3. Line leak: close main valve, then effect repairs
  4. Valve leak:  call for emergency shut-off, then effect repairs
  5. Set timer to the current annual schedule

Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting
Click here for more information on start-up tips and tricks

Winterize Your System - October

  1. Close main valve, ensure filter connection is tight
  2. Use air compressor to blow out sprinkler lines
  3. Turn off timer to ensure solenoids aren't being opened and closed during winter weather
  4. Or, you can contact lawn care service to have your system blown out - make sure valve and filter connections are tightly closed