Frequently Asked Questions

I am painting my house/replacing my fence/replacing my roof/etc. - do I need approval?

Yes!  You can 1) mouse over the Information tab and click on the Architecture Review Request link to complete an Architectural Review/Approval request form, or 2) you can call Tisha Parrott, Association Manager, Sentry Management at: 208,323.1080, x 59507 to request a hard copy of the Architectural Review/Approval form to be mailed or faxed to you.
I have an irrigation question or issue...
Check out the Irrigation page for emergency contact information or if you have a question or a concern regarding the irrigation process, the schedule, who to contact for service, etc.
I received a non-compliance letter...
If you need to discuss a non-compliance letter you received from Sentry Management, please contact Dianne Donnelly, Summerfield's Association Manager.  You can reach Dianne via phone (mornings are best) at 208.323.1080 x 59599 or via email: Thank you!