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Special Assessment - Fence Replacement

The HOA Board distributed a Request for Quotation for Perimeter Fence Replacement. The average cost of replacing fence in 2019 dollars, including staining the new material is estimated at $90,000.  To ensure we do not deplete our reserves, the Board is asking for a special assessment to offset some of the costs of replacing our 25-year old perimeter fence.  The new fence will have steel post construction, with wooden jackets around the steel posts, to give the metal posts the appearance of a cedar wood post.  The design of the fence will remain in keeping with the current style, but the new fence will be 6ft in height to be in alignment with covenants.  There is no cost difference between 5ft and 6ft of fence material and there is no city code restriction against a 6ft perimeter fence.   The cost of replacing the perimeter fence will not decrease with time and some fence sections are becoming in need of acute repair that cannot be delayed.

Special Assessment:  $147.06
Due Date:  July 1, 2019